; Superior Environmental Remediation 90, Inc. - Mishawaka, Indiana
  • Real Estate ASTM Phase I
  • Subsurface Soil and Groundwater Investigation
  • Non-Destructive Geophysical Investigation including GPR, Seismic Reflection and Refraction, EM Surveys and Down-Hole Geophysical Logging
  • Historic and recent 3-D aerial photo analysis with in-house laboratory
  • Defensible forensic environmental investigations
  • RCRA Facility Assessment, RI/FS and Corrective Action
  • CERCLA Investigation and Compliance
  • SPCC and FRPS Plan Preparation and Compliance Construction
  • Groundwater and Free-Product Plume Delineation, Modeling and Optimal Recovery Investigations

  • Design and Install All Conventional Remedial Systems Including SVE, Pump-N-Treat and Thermal Sparging
  • Design and Install Non-Conventional Proven Remedial Systems or a Combination of Conventional Technologies to Bring Timely Cleanup to Applicable Projects
  • Design and Install Cut-Off, Reactive Walls and Subsurface Funnel-N-Gate Systems
  • Design and Install Aquifer Conductivity Enhancement for Low Permeable Geologic Formations
  • Single Fluid Free Product Recovery & Vacuum-Enhanced for Optimal Recovery Rates
  • Design and Install Artificial Treated Groundwater Injection and Flushing to Shorten Cleanup Duration

  • Accurate Groundwater Plume Fate and Transport Forward and Reverse Modeling
  • Successful Enhanced Natural Bioremediation based on our Bio-Works® and Bio-Phase I®
  • Full interface and true remote controlled remedial system, where our clients can co-monitor the progress of their project
  • Innovative Brownfield assistance for everyday investors with our IBM-PeP® Program
  • Conducted a PCB-Soil Washing Pilot
  • Use of Risk Based Corrective Action approach for timely cleanups